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Now your organisation can be automatically
matched with carers and nurses at a click of a button,
whether you are looking to hire a temporary or a permanent member of staff.
We can even cater for a booking as short as 3 hours.

What can we offer you?

1. We have a large bank of experienced Carers and qualified Nurses who can work in Hospitals, Care Homes or other Health Organisations.

2. Immediate access to order our Carers and Nurses on a temporary shifts basis from as little as 3-hours, so you can fill up your recruitment needs 24/7.

Book your Nurse/ Carer here

3. Permanent placement of Carers and Nurses in your organisation*.

Book your Nurse/ Carer here

*We place nurses with you from the UK and EU

To make the process as easy and cost effective for you as possible, we have already:

-Fully vetted your Carer / Nurse, including checking their right to work documentation, certifications and experience

-Conducted interviews – saving you time, so that you can only see suitable candidates

-Obtained their CV and bio – we have a handy video of each candidate to introduce themselves

-We enable you to easily schedule your interviews and support you with timesheets and billing.

We specialise in linking you to the following carers:

-Care Assistants**

-Health Care Assistants

-Care Managers

**We also have a more affordable placement option, where we can place carers under training to your organisation.

We specialise in linking you to the following Nurses:

-General Nurse

-Community Nurse

-Mental Health Nurse

-A&E Nurse

-ITU Nurse

-Paediatrics Nurse

-Theatre Nurse


-Nurse Practitioner

EU Nurses

Being of European descent, we have excellent links with partners and candidates in Poland and that

is why we have we understand the market like no one else.

We source the candidates and place them on our innovative platform so that you can be provided

with an ongoing flow of highly experienced candidates, that we place with healthcare organisations.

We recruit Pre-Registered Nurses as well as Registered Nurses from EU in the following main

specialties, depending on employer requirements:

-General Nursing

-Community Nursing

-Mental Health Nursing






-Nurse Practitioners

Get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements and we will make your recruitment process

a pleasant and easy one. We help with the following:

1. Shortlisting candidates

2. Screening and background checking – including qualifications and registration requirements

3. Preliminary interviews

Once the candidates meet the screening, qualification and preliminary interview requirements,

they will be approved on own online platform.

You can then review the candidates you would like to consider and interview them using our

online interview tool.

You can then go on to offer them the role and carry out your own pre-employment checks.

However, if you require a more bespoke service, we can work with you to secure specific candidates.

We also provide additional services such as the following (arranged separately):

-NMC application

-Flight bookings

-Meet and greet in the UK

How it works

1. Tell us if you need a Carer/ Nurse

2. Search for a Carer/ Nurse: Type in your City to find a Carer/ Nurse in your area

3. Choose the type of Candidate you would like:



4. Choose the types of Carer/ Nurse position you would like to hire for:


-Care Assistants**

-Health Care Assistants

-Care Managers


-General Nurse

-Community Nurse

-Mental Health Nurse

-A&E Nurse

-ITU Nurse

-Paediatrics Nurse

-Theatre Nurse


-Nurse Practitioner

5. Select from the relevant profiles: You can learn about the Carer/ Nurse you would like to book by watching their video and reading their bio and skill set

6. Register or Login

7. Book an interview

8. Hire the Carer/ Nurse permanently or manage the temporary relationship online. You can manage your booking slots, timesheets and payments online.


24 Hour Live in Care – £850

Hourly Care – £18

Overnight Care – £150 (waking) and £140 (sleeping)

Respite Care – £18

Permanent/ oversees nurse – £2,500