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We provide HeroCarers and Nurses for the following:

a) 24 Hour Live-In Care

b) Hourly care

c) Overnight care

d) Respite care

e) Video companionship care

f) Permanent care

g) Specialist care

a) 24 Hour Live-In Care

When you need full-time care as you can no longer live independently, HeroCare is here to help. As a safe alternative to moving into a care home, your carer lives with you and provides personal care around the clock in the home that you’ve built up and love.

Here are some of the things we do, but all activities are chosen by you:

Personal Care & Home Support:





-Personal Grooming

-Medical prompting

-PEG feeding, catheter or ventilator care




-House cleaning

-Managing finances / admin


Keeping you active:

-Exercise routines


-Visiting friends and family

-Supporting hobbies


All our Heros also provide companionship by being a friendly face around the home, with whom you can develop a friendly relationship.

Please see prices here

Please see how to order your live-in carer here

Please see more information on what your carer will need here

If you require specialist care, no worries, our Carers and Nurses specialise in the following:

(please put this list in alphabetical order)



-traumatic brain injury

-Learning disabilities



-Eating disorder




-Non-insulin dependent (type 2) diabetes

-Insulin Dependent (Type 1) diabetes

-Mild cognitive impairment


-Visual impairment

-Physical disability


-Rheumatoid Arthritis

-Orthopaedic injuries

-Spinal Injury

-Multiple Sclerosis

-Celebral Palsy

-Motor Neuron Disease



-Heart Disease

-HIV Aids


-Deep Vein Thrombosis

-Chronic Kidney Disease


-Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

-End of life

-Palliative Care

-Respite care

-Post discharge care

-Cancer care

For see more information on how we can help with key medical information here.

If the specialism you are looking for is not on the list, please get in touch.

What is 24-live in Care?



-Multiple Sclerosis

-Stroke Care

-Palliative Care

-Learning Disabilities

How do I prepare my home for the live-in carer?

It is important to ensure that your carer is provided with the following:

-Their own bedroom (including space for belongings) and access to a bathroom

-Access to a fully equipped kitchen

-Internet access

You should also ensure that you agree on the following:

-Working hours – the Carer / Nurse will work on average a 10-hour day

-Breaks – by law, you should allow the Carer / Nurse to take a two hour break per day. These would be scheduled at a time that the care taker would not be needed. These hours can be accumulated if agreed by you and the care giver.

-Food routines – the Carer should be provided included in your regular grocery shop and he/ she will discuss any dietary requirements you may have as they will prepare all meals.

-Day time and night-time routines – let your carer know what your routines are.

-Holidays – if your Carer requests to go on leave you can always request your back up carer with us.

b) Hourly care

This is perfect for those who need care or medical support at certain times of the day, but who do not need round the clock care.

You choose the time that you/ your loved one needs a Hero Carer/ Nurse: our Carers are available morning, afternoon, evening – anytime (minimum 3 hours per booking).

Select the number of hours you would like to book the Carer/ Nurse for and the activities you would like them to support you with such as personal care & home support, keeping you active as well as companionship. They can also help if you need specialist care.

Please see prices here

Please see how to order your hourly carer here

For more information on hourly care click here

c) Overnight care

When a Carer/ Nurse stays with you overnight, as you feel uncomfortable or you are unable to be left alone due to your care needs or health issues. This means that you are supported with activities such as toilet breaks, administering of medication and mobility assistance.

There are two types of Overnight Care, HeroCare can help with:

Sleeping Nights:

This option is best if you do not need round the clock support, but you feel more comfortable with having support if needed. The Carer will sleep in your property for a minimum of eight hours, however he/ she will be on hand if required.

Working Night

This option is best if you wake up several time a night and require support because of disorientation or needing to go to the bathroom. The Carer is on hand, each time that you need support, for a minimum of eight hours.

Here are some of the things we do, but all activities are chosen by you:

Personal Care & Home Support:

This involves evening duties such as:

-bathing, dressing, toileting, shaving and other grooming activities.

-repositioning you in bed where needed

-light chores such as tidying and cleaning the kitchen, ironing and washing.

-light meal and snack preparation (if needed)

-taking medication at the right time

-help with complex needs where specialist care is needed for those living with medical conditions

Please see prices here

Please see how to order your overnight care here

For more information on overnight care click here

d) Respite care

When your family who normally cares for you, would like to take a break, we are here for you. You/ your loved one can book a temporary live-in carer or hourly care allowing your usual caretaker to take time off.

We can also provide overnight respite care.

Please see prices here

Please see how to order your respite care here

For more information on respite care click here

e) Video companionship care

Focused on companionship, our video care offering allows you to speak with a carer or nurse if you have any particular questions or if you would like a friendly conversation during your day. This can help in reducing a feeling of isolation.

This type of care can be beneficial if you/ your loved one is cautious about inviting someone to their home and it’s also a great way to combine with the other models of care.

Please see prices here

Please see how to order your video care here

f) Permanent care

If you love our services and would like to keep our Carer or Nurse for your sole support, we will be able to provide the Carer or Nurse at a fixed fee.

Specialist care

Here are some of our mostly requested specialist care services:

Dementia Care

Dementia is a term for a range of progressive symptoms and conditions that affect the brain and memory and cause abnormal changes to the brain.

We have Carers and Nurses who specialise in Dementia care as we understand that dementia can significantly impact the person suffering and being cared for, as well as their friends and family.

People living with dementia often feel isolated, therefore we focus on taking quality time with the patient, including:

-Making time and not rushing the person

-Speaking clearly and ensuring not many questions are asked

-Giving them simple choices and ensuring that their needs are met

HeroCare helps with medical support, mobility, personal and household activities.

Cancer Care

We have registered Nurses or Carers who can help with the following (in addition to personal and household activities):

-Appointments management

-On-hand support during the treatments

-Rehabilitation assistance

-Wound dressing and stoma care

-Dealing with any side effects

Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that slowly affects part of the brain concerned with thinking and memory skills, making it difficult to carry out simple everyday tasks.

We have registered Nurses or Carers who can help with the following (in addition to personal and household activities):

-Support with memory impairment and cognitive aspects

-Mobility support

-Medication management

-Dementia focused activities

-Coping with diagnosis


A stroke takes place when the blood is no longer supplied to a part of the brain. After a stroke happens, someone may need extra help in medication management and everyday living, to transportation to appointments.

We have registered Nurses or Carers who can help with the following:

– Support with personal and household needs

-Medication management for pain relief

-Exercises and mobility including Physiotherapy

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is a neurological condition. It affects nerve cells in the brain, specifically those that monitor a chemical called dopamine, that controls movement. Some signs of the disease include: tremor, stiff muscles, slow movement, balance problems.

We have registered Nurses or Carers who can help with the following:

-Support with personal and household needs

-Fall prevention and management as well as support with mobility

-Making the surroundings familiar and comfortable to reduce Parkinson’s symptoms

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

This is a condition that affects your brain and spinal cord. When someone is living with MS the coating that affects the nerves, called myelin is damaged. 

We have registered Nurses or Carers who can help with the following:

-Support with personal and household needs

-Administering medicine to aid pain management

-Managing key tasks to reduce the chronic fatigue which comes with MS

-Companionship to aid positive mental health


How do I book my first visit

Start of by entering your postcode and choosing what type of care you would like to book, for example live-in care, hourly care, overnight care. You can also choose whether you would like to book a carer or a nurse. After choosing the type or carer you need, you will be able to select the type of personal activities that you would like support with for example Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Feeding and the type of specialist care you need, for example if you are suffering from any medical conditions, for example Damentia, Parkinson’s disease, Learning disabilities and Alzheimer’s.

After selecting all the requested activities, we will show you the profile of the carers in your area that are the most suitable and you will login to complete the booking process.

As we work with newly trained carers, you will also be able to choose this type of carer for a more affordable option.

How do I pay for care

When you login and begin the booking process, and you have selected your carer, you can use your Debit or Credit Card to pay for the carer. We use Stripe as a system to handle payments meaning that you can securely enter your card details on our website. Stripe processes your data through their secure and encrypted service and HeroCare never sees your data.

How long does it take to book a carer

We aim for our carers to respond to your request within 24 hours, however it may take longer if you would like to request a trial visit with the carer.

How can I amend my booking

You can update your booking in your dashboard by selecting the amend booking option in the bookings tab.

How can I cancel my booking

You can cancel your booking within 48 hours for hourly care.

However, if you have booked a carer for a longer shift, for example a live-in care, we would require at least 7 days notice.

You can cancel your booking in your dashboard by selecting the amend booking option in the bookings tab.

Is HeroCare registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)?

Due to the model of services we provide, we do not require to be registered with the CQC. Those providers that manage and direct care must be registered, however we do not manage or direct care and our carers are self-employed. In case you are looking for a managed service, then you should look for the CQC logo and rating of the agency you engage with.

How it works

1. Search for a Carer/ Nurse: Type in your post code to find a carer in your local area

2. Choose the type of care you need: Using our filtering system choose your preferred Gender, Experience and Specialism

3. Select from the relevant profiles: You can learn about the Carer/ Nurse you would like to book by watching their video and reading their bio and skill set.

4. Register or Login

5. Access the Carer/Nurse calendar: To check and book the Carer/Nurse when they are available

6. Telephone, email or request a meeting with the Carer/ Nurse: This is so that you can confirm that the carer is right for you. The carer will respond to your listing if available to take up the booking.

7. Request your booking: If you would like to proceed with the particular carer, wait for the Carer/ Nurse to confirm after which you can Securely Pay online

8. Manage the ongoing relationship online: You can manage your booking slots and payment online.

We background check, interview and insure all our Carers and Nurses so you don’t have to.


24 Hour Live in Care – £850

Hourly Care – £18

Overnight Care – £150 (waking) and £140 (sleeping)

Respite Care – £18

Video Companionship – £15 (1 call per week); £40 (3 calls per week); £80 (7 calls per week)

Permanent Care – a one off charge of £1,500 per Nurse, Carer