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HeroCare is the most innovative “Care on demand”* platform in the UK. help care seekers and healthcare companies to find the best care solutions possible.

Now you or your organisation can be automatically matched with carers and nurses at a click of a button, whether you are looking to hire a temporary or permanent care. We can even cater for a booking as short as 3 hours. Our system is fully automated and safe to use and our service has been tailored to satisfy the most sublime and demanding clients.

We are the only care on demand platform on the market to provide carers and nurses to individuals as well as companies on the same platform. We also specialise in:

-training inexperienced individuals to become carers through our online academies, supporting the post-coronavirus labour market

-sourcing nurses from outside the UK, aiming to resolve the UK ‘nursing crisis’

Every stage from developing new candidates to self-employment aspects have been made simplified and easy to use.

* The Care Quality Commission (CQC) defines companies like Hero Care as an introductory agency pursuant to the Health & Social Care Act 2008

How it works

Looking for care services – For individuals

Care Seeker -> HeroCare -> Carer/ Nurse

Looking for care services – For Companies

Healthcare Company -> HeroCare -> Carer / Nurse

Looking for employment/work

Carer -> HeroCare -> Care Seeker

Nurse -> HeroCare -> Care Seeker

To find a carer, nurse – click here

To become a carer with or without experience. – click here

The care seeker or healthcare provider searches for services on our platform by location and other relevant parameters. We lay great emphasis on pre-screening, interviewing and selecting only the best candidates. We want to enhance the online care experience to its maximum potential, at the same time as creating jobs, producing more carers and giving service seekers and carers freedom of choice and more control over the process.

In the current times we live in, you need a Hero…

I still remember our emotions when we received reports on number of deaths in Care Homes across United Kingdom, we were shocked and devastated. Out of the 12,526 deaths involving COVID-19 of care home residents between March and May 2020*, 11,371 were classified as “confirmed” COVID-19 and 1,155 (9.2%) were classified as “suspected” COVID-19. This is how the idea of Hero Care emerged, so that we can become a safe alternative for care-seekers in the post-coronavirus environment.


Both our parents are also in their 60s’ and at a higher at risk from Covid-19, which also got us thinking on how we can improve the system to secure their future care needs. This is how Hero Care was born!

We believe:

  • A stay home, be save approach
  • Person centred care – it’s all about you – stay in control
  • You should decide who provides your care
  • Enjoying life to the full is important, without sacrificing your freedom
  • Visiting your friends and family to stay connected
  • Sports, to activate your energy
  • Enjoying healthy and tasty food
  • In loving your pets as much as you do
  • Feeling empowered and independent is key
  • Saving money, cutting costs – our platform is on average 25% cheaper than agencies and care homes
  • Your life matters for us – stay/be in the centrum of your universe


Our mission is to enhance care on demand service/business and enrich the process for both care seeker and service providers, while bridging the health and care workforce gaps in the UK.


Our vision is to become one of the Top Care service platforms in UK by 2023


To Recruit and train up the best carers for professional added value care service.


We were born like a phoenix out of the COVID-19 ashes. In this new post Coronavirus environment, all that we know has now came to pass. The HeroCare is a family run business, we are embedded in high value qualities passed from generation where both our parents, a PHD Dr Father and Head of Nurse department mother are HEROES and worked all their lives to help people.

A medical challenge, constant fight for patience’s life and their wellbeing were a forefront of our family life. The CARE for others has accompanied us every day. This is where those principles of care were becoming deeply embedded in our way of life, right from the dinner table. Principals of care, family, companionship and sacrifice in/with helping other have always come first. It is who we are and what paved our journey to becoming Hero Care.

The pandemic uncovered the vulnerabilities in the UK care system. It became imperative for us to find a better solution and assist the older generation in providing more affordable, professional and the safest care services possible. We have mobilised great resources to analyse the most popular care platforms in the United Kingdom and have emerged to combine all the best solutions under one platform – Hero Care.

Hero Care also focuses on empowering people to join Care industry. We are focusing on providing all the necessary training resources, information and guides to make the whole process simple and enjoyable (more familiar). It is easy – we will help you to become self-employed carer. This is how we are different; we will not leave you lost with a pile of invoices and self-assessment crashing down on you. We believe that our unique way of creating and sourcing carers and nurses (including oversee recruits) will make us a landmark in this industry.